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      electrical equipment rentals
      Affordable electrical equipment leasing
      Relays, breaker accessories, distribution equipment & accessories, & much more
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      Southwestern Ontario
      electrical equipment services
      Transformer analysis, transformer repair & transformer oil services
      Electrical equipment disposal, repair, purchase & decommissioning, & electrical engineering services
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      Electrical equipment
      throughout North America
      Electrical products for sale, rent or lease
      Bus plugs, CTs & PTs, load break switches, molded case breakers & much more

    Welcome to 3L2R Inc.!

    Located in Cambridge, Ontario, 3L2R is North America’s premier low to high voltage OEM electrical equipment distribution company. Our vast inventory consists of a large selection of fully guaranteed and continually expanding electrical products from the electrical supply industry’s leading manufacturers, and we can readily source electrical equipment that we do not keep on hand. We aid small to large sized commercial and industrial clients throughout North America by selling, renting and leasing them the highest grade electrical equipment. Relays, circuit breakers, and control products are just a few of the electrical products we rent, lease and sell. We also purchase new, used, surplus and obsolete electrical equipment. Our focus is on providing our clients with superior quality customer service and electrical products, which is why companies who operate across a range of industries depend on 3L2R for economical, innovative, timely and sustainable electrical equipment solutions.

    The team at 3L2R believes in developing solid relationships with our clients in order to deliver them the best possible custom-designed turnkey solutions for their demanding power requirements. Our company possesses years of experience in the engineering, fabrication, servicing, repair, sale, rental and leasing of electrical distribution equipment and accessories and much more for clients across Southwestern Ontario. Our technical capabilities, professional customer service, ongoing product support, dependable electrical equipment rentals and other electrical services distinguish us as a leading electrical product supplier in the industry. We are dedicated to distributing the highest quality electrical equipment in North America, and electrical services in Southwestern Ontario. Complying with strict electrical supply industry regulations, maintaining rigorous health and safety measures, and performing recycling and refurbishing guidelines are just some of the environmentally responsible and standards-conscious activities we partake at 3L2R. Our complete line of comprehensive electrical equipment and electrical service offerings include:

    • Electrical equipment rentals
    • Electrical equipment leasing
    • Electrical equipment services
    • Electrical equipment disposal
    • Electrical products
    • Transformer repair
    • Electrical equipment purchase
    • Transformer analysis
    • Electrical equipment repair
    • Temporary power equipment
    • Electrical equipment decommissioning
    • Electrical engineering services
    • Custom electrical fabrication
    • Testing & evaluation
    • Transportation logistical assistance
    • Transformer oil services

    3L2R’s fully certified and insured electricians and support personnel proudly offer exceptional expertise that contributes to the overall success of each and every one of our clients projects. Our dedicated team participates in continuing education opportunities to further develop their knowledge and abilities. We encourage open communication and the practice of up-to-date electrical supply industry methods and standards essential for the successful functioning of our company, and most especially for all of the important electrical equipment or electrical service projects that 3L2R becomes involved in. Our custom electrical fabrication expertise permits us to custom design and assemble electrical equipment to fully meet each of our Southwestern Ontario client’s unique requirements. We understand that electrical issues can occur at any time, and in any place, so we offer 24 hour / 7 day electrical emergency services for many types of situations including electrical equipment rentals and temporary power equipment, to ensure that your business operates without a hitch. Give our friendly staff a call at 1 (855) 312-3L2R (3527) for emergency assistance. To learn more about how our technical abilities, practical experience and electrical products or electrical services can assist your company, get in touch with us at (519) 629-0152 to speak with one of our electrical equipment rental experts.

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    Our company designs, services, disposes of, fabricates, recycles and repairs many types of electrical equipment across Southwestern Ontario. Our reputation for providing exemplary customer service and superior electrical products throughout North America is thanks to our outgoing, friendly staff and their proficient technical abilities. Contact 3L2R today to learn more about how our company can assist you!

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